school tools

School Tools Program

School Tools helps to equip economically disadvantaged students with the basic learning
supplies they need to be successful at school. A variety of school supplies, from pencils to
protractors, will be distributed to area public schools without charge of any kind to the
schools or students.

For Whom?
School Tools is for economically disadvantaged children entering grades K-8 and enrolled
in one of the areas sixteen public schools for the 2016-17 school year. The 2015 School
Tools Program provided assistance to over 2000 eastern LaSalle County area students and their families. Public elementary schools eligible to receive free School Tools include:
Circuit Breaker, Deer Park Grade School, Grand Ridge Grade School, Harding Grade
School, Leland Grade School, Marseilles Elementary School, Milton Pope School, Ottawa Elementary (Central, Jefferson, Lincoln, McKinley, and Shepherd), Rutland Grade School, Seneca Grade Schools, Serena Grade School, Sheridan Grade School, and Wallace Grade School.

45% of families with children who attend area public schools are economically
disadvantaged, needing financial assistance with obtaining basic school supplies.
Low-income parents must first take care of housing and food needs before they can
consider tackling additional expenses like school clothes and school supplies. As a result, their children go to school without the essential supplies that other children take for granted. Either the school district or the teacher has had to purchase the missing items, or the student goes without. The lack of adequate supplies can affect the children’s opportunity for academic achievement and success.

Free; however, school supply distribution is based on income eligibility. To qualify for School Tools students must be eligible for the federal free lunch program. The supplies provided will be tailored to each school’s required supply list and the quantity of supplies presented will be determined by the number of low-income student enrollment. Supplies will be delivered to the school, if you are in need of help, please contact your school office in August.

Program Sponsors?
United Way of Eastern LaSalle County and the SABIC Innovative Plastics & SABIC HOPE Chapter Volunteers have accepted the challenge of making basic school supplies available to low-income students. The program’s success is dependent on the generous donations of many companies, organizations and individuals. School Tools 2015 distributed more than $10,000 of school supplies to area schools.

How Can I Help?
Contributions and in-kind gifts to School Tools are encouraged to help meet the needs of the local student community.