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Labor of Love Program

What is “Labor of Love”?
Labor of Love is an annual one-day blitz to repair and rehabilitate the homes of the poor, elderly, and disabled. It is based on the belief that the age old idea of “barn raising” can be revived and applied to our community today to unite people of all walks of life to assist others in need. For some of our neighbors, properly maintaining a home can be an impossible task – – many cannot even provide themselves with the basic necessities we take for granted. You may download a Labor of Loverequest for assistance form by clicking on the bar below. Forms must be returned by the August 24th deadline to be considered.

What repairs are done?
Labor of Love will consider all repairs that can be done in one day, i.e. carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, weatherization, locksmithing, as well as trash removal, cleaning, window washing, and yard work.

Who is eligible to receive “Labor of Love” services?
Low income and disabled homeowners, the elderly in particular, who are not able to do the work themselves and cannot afford to hire the work done are eligible for Labor of Love services. Labor of Love assistance is available to persons who own their home and reside in the communities of Dayton, Grand Ridge, Harding, Leland, Marseilles, Naplate, Ottawa, Seneca, Serena, Sheridan, and Wedron. Click here for the Labor of Love Application.

What is “Operation Embrace”?
In 2003, Labor of Love expanded its traditional program to enable spouses of active duty military personnel to apply for home repair assistance. United Way and the Labor of Love Committee realize that spouses of active duty military members are quite often faced with the tremendous burden of caring for their family, home and finances all alone until loved ones return. This is just one small way in which we can lighten their load and assist with small home maintenance jobs.

How are “Labor of Love” homes selected?
Various churches, social-service agencies, and individuals refer houses to Labor of Love. Illinois Department of Human Service and a Labor of Love Selection Committee screen applicants. The Labor of Love Planning Committee makes the difficult determination as to whether the homeowner meets the eligibility criteria, is in need and whether the home is within our purview.

Who can volunteer for “Labor of Love”?
Anyone fourteen and older can be a Labor of Love volunteer. Volunteers come from churches, businesses, schools, community service groups, corporations, and interested individuals. They represent all professions. Volunteers do not need to be skilled at home repairs, but any and all skills will be well-utilized. Contact us at the United Way office to become a volunteer. Click here to Download Adult Volunteer Form or Click here to Download Student Volunteer Form  Fill out forms and return to United Way Labor of Love, 601 State Street, Ottawa, IL   61350

Who sponsors “Labor of Love”?
United Way of Eastern LaSalle County initiated Labor of Love and plays a vital role in its organization. Labor of Love receives contributions from individuals, churches, businesses, financial institutions, local union and service organizations to purchase paint, lumber, nails, plumping supplies, fixtures, etc. Homeowners are not expected to pay for any services or materials and all labor is donated.