Bornlearning Program

What is it?
Bornlearning is an innovative public engagement campaign that helps parents, grandparents, caregivers, and communitites “know how” to create quality early learning strategies for young children that turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities.

Why early learning matters?
Early childhool education is a foundation for strong schools and a strong economy. It prepares tomorrow’s workforce for global competition, while ensuring the children of today’s workers enter school ready to succeed. It is critical to economic development and it supports school success. Studies show that children entering kindergarten with skills they need to succeed are more likely to graduate high school and become productive workers. Return on investmetn is especially strong for very young, at-risk children. Community efforts to support their school readiness make business sense.

For Whom?
Bornlearning is for all children birth to five and their caregivers. United Way of Eatsern LaSalle County will target economically disadvantaged children because not all children have the same opportunities. The poorest children start school one to two years behind. Some 46% of America’s kindergarteners are coming to school at risk for failure according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Free to children birth to five and their caregivers; with the materials provided being tailored to support the local programs United Way is collaborating with. United Way will fund the distribution outreach strategy for the hard-to-reach parents they are targeting. Bornlearning is a program of United Way of Eastern LaSalle County and is being funded through campaign donations to our community impact fund.

Day in the Park?
As a part of our bornlearning program United Way hosted an event in the summer to teach parents and caregivers how to use everyday moments to teach children how to learn. The “Day in the Park” took place on United Way’s National Day of Action on Father’s Day weekend. The first 100 children received a free book to take home with them. The first ‘Day in the Park” was a transportation fair with the theme, “Building Minds, Building Futures”. The 2010 event had a wonderful western flavor, with the theme, “Rootin’ Tootin’ Roundup!” The free book was one of our Imagination Library choices, “The Wild Little Horse”. Enjoy some of the pictures from the 2010 event posted below

How Can I Help?
For more information please contact United Way of Eastern LaSalle County at 815-434-4003.